Healthcare Claims Adjudication Services
The entire process of receiving medical claims, verifying them and settling the claims forms a huge chunk of insurance processing task. Instead of running these routine and non-core processes within your organization, you can leverage our expert claims services.
Claims Adjudication Forms
  • HCFA claims 1500 / CMS1500
  • UB92 (Single / Multi / Attachment / COB)
  • UB04
  • Dental Claims
  • RX claims
  • Medicaid
  • Foreign claims
  • Superbill
  • Medicare RP
  • Miscellaneous (complex / non-standard)
  • Pends / Correspondence
  • Enrollment Forms Processing (EFP)
  • Vision Claims

1. Receive Claims Data
2. Check for Eligibility
3. Avoid Duplicate Claims
4. Benefit Determination Application
5. Analysis of Hospital Details
6. Coding, Bundling & Diagnosis Review
7. Rules-Based Edits
8. Claims Settlement
9. Claims Presentment

What Makes Us Different?
  • Our claims adjudicators are experts in healthcare claims processing and process your claims with efficient analytical skills, and not like a mindless activity
  • Our adjudicators are specifically trained in US healthcare adjudication systems and processes and provide dedicated healthcare BPO
  • We know and understand the intricacies of International insurance regulations and work according to your specific needs, in compliance to international healthcare claims standards and regulations
  • We provide maximum efficiency, quick turnaround time, accurate recording and up-to-date maintenance of records
  • You can be totally confident about the security of your data as we follow stringent data security systems and legally binding security policies.