OCR Services

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the mechanical or electronic translation of data into an automatic machine-editable text. Usually captured by a scanner, data entry through OCR is faster, more accurate and more efficient than keystroke data entry.

Character Recognition Services
  • With almost zero data entry errors, your data will be seamlessly integrated and easily readable
  • Both Text Input and Data Capture categories of OCR scanners are available with Delta Datrix
  • Delta Datrix' text input scanner services will enable you to sort high volumes of data that can be edited later
  • The data capture scanners can capture and configure repetitive data
  • Delta Datrix can acquire information from any existing format of your data - be it old paper files, forms, applications or word documents
  • Delta Datrix' well-trained and professional team can handle high volume loads of work, round-the-clock
  • The OCR services offered by Delta Datrix can be used with any printing technique
Gain ICR Services
  • ICR is an advanced form of OCR and is more specific - it is particularly for handwritten matter recognition
  • ICR extends the usefulness of OCR services and has a 98% accuracy rate in reading handwriting in structured forms
  • Making use of Automated Forms Processing, a helpful invention in the development of ICR, Delta Datrix provides the best ICR and OCR services in the industry
  • There is no laborious manual keying and the whole process is more accurate and precise than traditional human data entry